Stemette (n): a female who has the capacity to go into one or more of the STEM fields - Tell a friend about Stemettes

Showing support for the Stemette cause

We're lucky to have organisations and individuals like those below behind us on this journey. If you'd like to become an official supporter, email us on with your organisation blurb and details of what you'd like to give to the cause (people, venues, resources and advice are welcome). Thanks!

Inspirational You

Premium Partner

Inspirational YOU was formed in March 2010 and we have grown into a leading provider of: Inspiring, Educational and Informative events. Our events are aimed at those seeking to learn; from each other, network; with each other; promote enterprise, and increase their skill base.

Our events are ideal for young people, social entrepreneurs, students, business leaders or those who have a passion for change. Our programme of events, are designed to motivate and inspire the participants by connecting them to leaders such as yourself.

Inspirational YOU has fast become one of London’s must-attend events for those seeking to learn, network, promote and increase their skills base in a positive and professional environment.

O2 Think Big

Primary Sponsor

Young people are full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm. But they need the right support to turn their ideas into reality.

That’s where Think Big comes in. We find young people with great ideas and help them get going by giving them the training and funding to make their ideas work.

O2 is the driving force behind Think Big because we believe in the power of young people and their ideas. And as one of the biggest companies in the UK, we can back them. Invest in them. Campaign for them. Give them a platform and a voice.

We want to change the way young people think about themselves and their communities. And in doing so, change the way young people are perceived.

Geek Gurl Diaries

Stemette Supporter

The Geek Gurl Diaries on YouTube is hosted, written and produced by Carrie Anne Philbin.

They are a collection of video logs about using technology and interviews with inspirational women in the fields of computing, science, technology and engineering. They also include video contributions from women working in IT and Science, and recently the channel has started to include ‘Geek Gurl Diaries On Air’ panel discussions with graduate computer science students on various topics like computer gaming and geek culture.I have done very little marketing, but found organic growth through the teenage girls I'm targetting "liking" the Facebook Page on which I publicise the video episodes.

I hope this project will give teenagers first hand access to content that will inspire them and perhaps nurture an interest in subject areas they have dismissed before. To do this I require inspiring individuals, both male and female, to contribute ideas, videos and interviews to make this project a success. I need teachers to introduce the channel to their students and furthermore we need people to talk about this subject in order for us to change the stereotypes.


WISE Stemette

At WISE, our mission is to increase the gender balance in the UK’s STEM workforce, pushing the presence of female employees from 13% as it stands now, to 30% by 2020.

Our services are designed to build and sustain the pipeline of female talent in STEM from classroom to boardroom, boosting the talent pool to drive economic growth.

WISE, which has nearly 30 years experience of inspiring girls to pursue STEM subjects, now incorporates the UKRC, which had a contract from the Government from 2004-12 to increase opportunities for women in science, engineering and technology through support services to business, education and women returners.
Patron: HRH The Princess Royal

Women's Engineering Society

Stemette Supporter Organisation

Founded in 1919, the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) is a professional, not-for-profit network of women engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development.

The Women's Engineering Society is a professional, not-for-profit network of women engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development. Working in partnership, we campaign to encourage women to participate and achieve as engineers, scientists and as leaders.

Makers Academy

Stemette Venue Supporter

Ten weeks to turn you into an entry level software developer. Is it an easy course? Absolutely not. Will you be learning how to program from world-class experts? You bet!

Makers Academy is a 10 week course for: complete novices, founders sick of looking for their tech co-founder or professionals looking for a career change into software development.

We've gone out and partnered with London's top technology companies who are looking for talented entry-level developers just like you. The final day of the course you'll meet with each of these partners to see if there is a good fit. Our goal is to have a 100% placement rate among graduates seeking employment.


Stemette Exhibition Supporter, as seen on BBC's Dragons Den

Bringing 21st Century Forensic Science Into Your Classroom

Our Forensic Science Workshops are about raising aspirations and attainment in Science amongst young people, incorporating Engineering and Maths (STEM subjects) designed to enhance the classroom experience, stimulating an interest in and progression towards higher skills.

Practical 'hands-on' science workshops for Primary, Secondary & SEN Schools throughout the UK.

The Women in Technology Network

Stemette Supporter Organisation

Women in Technology is an organisation committed to increasing the number of women working and achieving in the UK’s technology profession. Between 2005 and 2012, they provided a complete recruitment service, offered a dedicated online IT job board for employers, regularly hosted networking events and ran professional development and career orientated training courses - all activities to help increase the number of females succeeding in the IT. The network grew to c7,000 members and the job board helped a wide range of blue chip organisations to recruit more women into their IT divisions.

In November 2012 Maggie Berry, their MD, left her full time job at Women in Technology but she continues to run the Women in Technology Network on a voluntary basis in her spare time - you can join the network by following Maggie on Twitter @womenintech or by joining the LinkedIn group ‘Women in Technology UK’..

Gocracker & Evecracker

Stemette Supporter Organisation
On this new website your students can find information and news about STEM subjects, industry sectors, apprenticeships, colleges, universities and leading employers. They are provided with many opportunities to interact with there are free iPhone apps to download, there is a video collection (goTV) and they can access hundreds of web resources dedicated to STEM. You might also like to visit the ‘The Hub’ section where you can find links to great teaching resources, fun days out and forthcoming local STEM events. Within this section you can also order free pocket cards to give out to your students and A3 posters to brighten up your classroom!

Evecracker seeks to encourage more females to pursue careers in SET by showcasing progressive employers and the opportunities they offer. Evecracker can be found within Gocracker, Gradcracker and Procracker.